Episode 1104 Scott Adams: RNC Report Card, Wisconsin Trouble and More (2023)


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- Kenosha, WI: no government leadership, locals defending themselves

- RNC night two was really good...even CNN agrees

- Melania is genuine, her empathy and caring are real

- Anderson Cooper's observation vs CNN fake news

- Naturalization ceremony was emotionally touching

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Hey everybody come on in it's time, it's time for us coffee with scott adams and what a day it is it's just like other days, except it's better because of the simultaneous sip.

That's going to come at you, it's coming at you soon coming at you hard and all you need is what do you need? You know what you need come on.

You know what you need: it's a copper, mug or glass, a tanker jealous or stein a canteen jug or a flask, a vessel of any kind fill it with your favorite liquid.

I kind of like my coffee and join me now for the unparalleled pleasure, the dopamine hit of the day.

The thing that makes everything better.

It's called the simultaneous zip and it happens now go yeah.

I can feel biden's poll numbers falling.

We took one step well, there's a lot of stuff going on.

Let's jump right into it, are you ready, yeah, we'll talk about wisconsin in a moment, we'll let a few more people get in here.

One thing i didn't see coming is that the government, the trump administration, has declared the fentanyl dealer in china, the big fentanyl dealer, whose name we know weirdly.

We know who he is he's the big fentanyl dealer who sends the fentanyl to the united states and kills our citizens and they've designated it a foreign national.

What is the word? Foreign national, no foreign, narcotics, kingpin designation, which allows them to sanction anything that this guy's attached to so this guy's other entity will be starting to get squeezed at this point.

Good keeps the pressure on so the big news, of course, there's a tragic shooting in kenosha wisconsin, you've - probably caught the news by now, but a young man was he 18 years old was allegedly part of the boogaloo boys or maybe not, or maybe he was just There, as a local, protecting businesses from looters - it's all fog of war right now, so i think we should hold off on who he was and why he was there.

But of course social media has decided he's a white supremacist.

Is he a white supremacist uh? So far, those claims have come with no evidence of such a thing, anything's possible, but remember, nick sandman.

If you're gon na call this guy a white supremacist, you better come with some evidence, because i think nick sandman showed that it's a bad idea to start labeling people based on your first impression so uh.

I think i've been telling you for some time that the obvious way that these protest riots slash looting episodes were going to go is there was only one way this was going to go under the assumption that the police would not get more aggressive, which seemed likely And that the local government would not let the federal government come in and take care of the the the violent stuff.

So, given that there was going to be no adult supervision - and that was intentional - that the the local, the local leadership decided to not have uh any kind of adult leadership during the protest riots slash looting.

So it was obvious that the locals would end up arming themselves, because what else would happen i mean really.

Can you think of any other outcome? It's it's obvious that this had to happen, but what's more obvious is that this is the beginning? Not the you know, not the the one-off, it's pretty obvious that more militia are gon na and maybe just more citizens are going to bring heavier arms, a heavier meaning more than a pistol and they're going to start showing up now.

How often will this turn into an event like this more? There will be more of it and unfortunately, there's probably no other way.

It's going to stop.

Now you could get the worst case scenario, which is that the protesters also arm now, if the protesters arm and obviously some of them, a lot of them actually are armed, but so far they haven't, they haven't uh.

You know started using it in terms of the as a protest, so you might see a whole different level in coming nights of who's, armed and who's willing to use those arms.

But ultimately this is the way i had to go.

So i feel bad for anybody who gets hurt.

I don't encourage any violence against anybody, but as a prediction there's only one way this can go and it won't go forever.

It will end with more of this uh.

The only other way we could get an off ramp as if this or maybe there's some you know, violence after this that's sort of a copycat.

Usually you can count on the copycat stuff, so the it's an easy prediction that there'll be more more.

That looks a lot like last night with the so there was a young white guy.

Unfortunately, it matters that he's white, because that's the state of things uh shot three people i think two of them may have passed and he may have been there to protect against looting.

It looks like there's a video of the police being friendly with him and actually thanking him for his help.

So i think the police believed he was there just as an armed, an armed citizen and as long as he wasn't pointing his gun into people.

I guess the police were okay with that.

I don't think they're.

Okay, now somebody says one died.

So remember it's fog of war! Everything you hear about this is going to be um unlikely.

To be true.

So wait, you know, wait at least 48 hours before you you're sure of anything that happened out of this event.

So i think that there is now a an exit, meaning that you can now see where the end of it is, which is it's going to be? More of this, and that will in turn cause people to get a little bit more serious about it, and either the law enforcement or the federal government will come in and end it or or the the locals will end it it's possible.

The locals will just do more of this, and it'll just become more of a tragedy, all right, uh.

Let's talk about something else, because that's pretty pretty dark, so there's something that happened at cnn this week and mostly last night, and if you didn't catch it, it's the most mind-boggling thing.

You've ever seen in your life.

Cnn has made some kind of an editorial decision to change the way, they're framing things somewhat suddenly or it's a coincidence or or it's temporary, it might be temporary.

But last night cnn almost became republican, and i didn't know what i was saying that they completely left their.

Their crazy frame of everything.

Orange man does is bad and everything everything the left does is good.

They pretty much reversed it last night.

If you watched the coverage, cnn was saying in in fairly unambiguous language that the rnc knight 2 was really good.

Now a lot of it had to do with the fact that the rnc um, very strategically, let's say made sure that they hit all the right notes for identity politics.

So they really did a great job of featuring these successful women in the trump campaign, which is actually a really it's it's a strong spot that they have not really emphasized until now.

So if you were, if you were a cnn viewer or let's say a democrat, you you were watching the rnc, you probably didn't know what you were seeing because you'd see all these successful black republicans talking about things and you'd say i didn't know there were black Republicans, of course nobody says that exactly, but you understand the hyperbole just turning it on and watching the republicans create a program that involved lots of republicans deciding what's the best thing to do, for republicans and for the country presumably, and they decided that the best thing To do was to show lots of support for every disadvantaged group, every marginalized group, and they put on quite a show, and i would say that they basically took all the ammo away from cnn.


Would love to have criticized them for not doing enough for women.

Not highlighting you know black issues, but they had a all and they hit them hard and uh.

So even even david axelrod was saying: okay got ta, give it to him.

That was a really good production in terms of a political production.

It was extraordinarily well done.

So i'd say the rnc has now nailed it two in a row like really really well, some of the highlights.

If you didn't watch it, nick sandman did his little speech about his situation.

I thought he did really well.

I wasn't expecting much just because of his age.

You know, if you see somebody that age and you say, okay you're going to be on, you know the biggest the biggest stage in the world and we're not going to give you any practice.

It's just your first day how about giving your first speech ever and it'll be to the entire world and he nailed it if he didn't watch it he's an impressive kid, meaning that he's got some game and he actually nailed it now, of course, the the the I guess the punctuation to his little speech was when he put on his baggy hat, which was quite a cool moment.

I got ta say it was a good moment before that uh and uh the president really hit the the uh.

All the right emotional feels a number of times uh.

I i caught the uh the show late, so i had to catch up on his pardon of uh john ponder.

So i guess john ponder didn't know that he was there to get pardoned now.

He was all he's out of prison, so the pardon, i guess, does what does it take away his record? I don't know the details of it, but he was uh.

John ponder had been convicted at one point, and now he had he'd been active in the community, helping people who were trying to transition back from prison to life, to regular life, and apparently he was very successful at it.

So uh watching him and being best friends with the police officer that is just a plus imagery.

I mean the there was a lot of genius in that production.

This is not normal.

If, if you really studied how well the rnc pulled this together, the first two nights, it's extraordinary it's, this is not normal work, you're, seeing the best of the best in a very short time, pull together, something that's really impressive, and to create that moment.

Where john ponder found out on on film - i don't know if it was live or it was on film probably live, but uh um, but watching his expression, as he found out that he was there to get pardoned was extraordinary.

You have to watch it.

It's totally worth watching the clip just to watch that moment.

I didn't think it would be as powerful as it was, but it's really powerful then some other stars.

I guess it's david cameron, the african-american attorney general of kentucky, as even i think, even cnn called it.

His star turn and i'm thinking what am i watching.

They actually gave him a full just an a-plus.

What he's republican and cnn just said a plus and i'm waiting for the and and he killed the baby.

You know and he murdered a person, nothing just a plus star turn.

He might be like a rising star black man in the uh in the republican party, and he wasn't the only one.

People were also talking about tim, scott, as being you know, maybe auditioning.

For 2024 to run for president as republican another african-american man who's clearly in line for a good shot at the presidency as a republican, pretty good uh.

So it would have been hard for the cnn to criticize this thing.

But let me give you some other high points all right now.

Obviously, the this convention stuff is all um.

It's all tricks right.

It's all staged theatrical it's it's a little bit heavy-handed as in hey.

Look at our you know black people who are doing well look at our women who are doing well and yeah.

Excuse me i'll, be right.

Back! I'M live to the world right now.

Sorry, i have to take a look, take care of a little business and i'll get right back to you hold on a second here, just hold on a second all right, thanks all right, i'm back um.

So what was i talking about uh so anyway, uh cnn love.

This thing, here's my favorite part.

Now, if you're looking for how well it was produced, there are moments um.

I was talking about tim scott, so the republican party showed legitimately at least two black men in the republican party, who you would say you look at him for five minutes and you say yeah.

I could see them as president.

I could totally see them as president.

That's very powerful, yeah bad midler somebody says bette midler.

She was freaking out and said bad things about melania all right.

Let's talk about melania um cnn was praising her republicans are praising her one of the most successful speeches you're ever going to see.

I think president trump is really happy about her today and, if he's not, he needs to, he needs to be because she nailed it now, there's something about melania.

That um is, you, know, different different than any politician, because she's, mostly about bringing the empathy and the caring and stuff and because she did a good job on the empathy and caring part that does um that does sort of cross over to her husband.

In other words, uh, you have a hard time, imagining that first of all, melania seems totally genuine.

You know all of the the caring and the empathy for melania.

I think everybody agrees, that's real.

Nobody thinks that's, not real and, and then you say to yourself well, she married this guy, who we don't think is so empathetic right, but maybe he is because it certainly is certainly confuses things.

Doesn't it so i think that she did a great job of humanizing.

The president and showing that you know at least his team has empathy, and one assumes that he's got some of that too, just by association, but here's my favorite part, if you saw the beginning part where she did the long tracking walk on the way to the Podium that was genius and here's.

Why it's genius? Most people can't walk, and by that i mean, could you imagine anybody else who they would give a long tracking shot to? So you see them walking toward the camera, but for a long ways it wasn't just like you know, here's a shot and then cut away.

They made a deal of showing her as a tiny.

You know a tiny, distant figure and then walking toward the camera, and what was genius about this is you? Could you could pick a thousand people who couldn't walk the way she walks because she's a trained, uh model? So when she walks it's literally professional walking? I don't know if i don't know if you were like catching it at the time, but whoever had the genius to catch the professional walking before she actually did the speech.

That's that's beyond good work.

That's like next level stuff, because not only did it give you a sense of distance, because this is the other thing you did if you're watching these televised things without audiences or without much of an audience, they can look flat but think of the dimensionality.

You got when they did this long shot down the the sidewalk, and you saw a tiny melania who, let's be honest, the audience was waiting for her right.

She was, you knew she was going to be one of the highlights and people were interested because, even if they didn't like the president, they kind of are interested in melania she's, just interesting in a lot of different ways.

So to to have that.

You know just beautiful walk-up introduction give give some depth to the viewer uh.

It was just smart, just smart yeah and of course you know, everybody will talk better outfit and uh all that, so it gives them lots to talk about.

That's not not too serious, and maybe we needed that so the the critics were completely out of ammo and they were they're starting to complain about the hatch act which says you can't use the white house or i don't know, maybe it's maybe it's all federal property.

I'M not sure, but you can't use the white house for political stuff unless you're the president.

Now, of course the president can do it, which makes sense.

It's not like anybody knows he's not the president.

So why not do it there, but are you going to apply that to melania? I don't know if the hatch act applies to her as first lady she's, not elected so maybe she's exempt, but they tried to say i was watching joy read, i think, say that chad wolf, who is what is he? He did? The immigration ceremony thing they're saying that the hatch act was violated because he did his little thing swearing in citizens and i'm thinking - oh my god, trump did it again.

He lured them into criticizing the most unimportant thing there were.

That happened in the entire country.

There is nothing less important, nothing if you made the longest list you could of the problems, the united states.

You would be down to like problem number 10.


Before the problem of chad.

Wolf talked for 60 seconds in a building he wasn't supposed to be in while he was standing next to the president, who is completely allowed to do a political act now? Is it a political act that he swore in five or six new citizens? I don't know is that a political act? Would you consider it a political act per se to see somebody sworn in as a citizen? I don't know if you're going to make a complaint about that.

That is the smallest smallest little pico problem in the united states.

Yeah, technically is, is joy, reid, technically right, i don't know, do you care? Do you care no, so trump once again tricked them into talking about the only thing.

No audience cares about that.

Even even msnbc was probably saying uh seriously, really you're completely out of ammo.

So your complaint was that chad, wolf did his job because i think swearing in people's, probably in in the domain of his job.

That's pretty small complaint, so you're doing great.

But let's talk about the you swear again as uh as anderson cooper noted, and it was a great moment of cnn tv.

I i hope you saw it live because anderson cooper said that watching the presidents wear in these uh these new citizens, who had come from a variety of countries, the anderson cooper actually went there, and he said it looks like they were selected to be from the Quote, countries and i thought to myself: did you really say that? Did you really say that these people you know, even though he's obviously trying to quote president trump from long ago? Are you really you're really tying these these six people who just want to be citizens? They just they just want to be good.

People be good to the kids.

Have good families contribute to our country? They just they just want to be.

Citizens and anderson cooper drags them into this country conversation.

You know, i will admit that the president probably was trying to counter you know that story.

I mean that does seem somewhat obvious, but here's the fun part and then the anderson cooper says it seemed.

I don't know where to use jarring or discordant or two of the words that i heard last night.

It seemed jarring because on one hand the president had said a bad thing about the countries that i don't know if any of them were from those countries which is part of what's bad about what anderson said.

But he said it was jarring that the president would say bad things about it, and then he would act so nice to people from you know at least countries and in that class.

If you will of not the not the superpowers - and i thought to myself anderson cooper, why is this jarring to you? Was he unaware that the president is my microphone? Not good is.

Is the president unaware? I'M sorry is anderson cooper, unaware that the president has always been 100 percent in, inter in favor of legal immigration.

Is it the first time cnn is finding out that the president of the united states favors legal immigration, because i don't think there was any discord there? I don't think there was anything that was in conflict there and the fact that he thought so was just mind-blowing, because only cnn - and you know the fake news made a fake story out of this, and so his own fake story wasn't matching with his own observation And he was trying to understand why his own fake news didn't match his observation on live tv.

It was a great moment yeah, it was a small movement, but it was great.

All right.

Um was one of the best lines of the night.

That made me just go what was uh david cameron, the a.g from kentucky who referred to biden as a backwards thinker? That's really good, i don't know if anybody helps him with his speeches.

You assume that anybody who gives a speech at the at the at a big convention probably has professionals who are are helping with the uh with everything.

So i might have been unprofessional, helped him with that, but that's a great great line against biden, a backwards thinker as opposed to someone who's focused on the future.

That was good, stuff um.

Let me just say about the naturalization ceremony um, i i am very cynical and jaded, and you know all those things as many of you are, but there's one thing that gets me every time.

I cannot watch people swearing in to become new members of the united states new citizens.

I can't watch that ceremony without just crying every time it doesn't matter.

Last night.

Yes, but i've seen you know other videos, i've seen videos of people.

I know who are going through that process and i got ta say if let me put it this way if a revolution happened tomorrow and you wanted to - and let's say something happened that burned all of the books and something destroyed the internet, so we lost all Of our records of civilization, we lost, you know all of our structure, the government was overthrown and we lost everything and you wanted to build it back.

What would be the the one thing you'd need to retain to be able to build it back.

The only thing that everything else could be built back, if you just kept that one thing and that's what you saw with that naturalization ceremony, that that's the thing: the fact that that can happen, that those people, those excellent citizens, would come to this country and would Buy into not just you know the real estate, you know they weren't saying we came to the united states because it has good real estate.

They weren't saying that they were buying into the the idea.

So here's the thing, no matter how bad things are.

No matter riots in the street, no matter fake news, no matter wars, no matter coronavirus, no matter unemployment, no matter bad words on the internet as long as long as that, one thing works as long as we keep that one thing we can get back everything else.

So um, so i'm a big baby and i have to admit um that that touched me so um there's one funny thing uh yesterday i was joking.

I have to say something funny because i have to get in a different mood here for a moment i was, i was uh telling you about all the weird coincidences between the biden campaign and satanism.

Now i'm not a believer, so i don't believe, there's a real satan, but it is humorous how many coincidences there are that you could find.

Let's call it confirmation bias, but there are lots of coincidences you can find once you're looking for them, which is really the lesson in this.

Is that once you're looking for them, they're everywhere and after i did that somebody told me that kamala harris's middle name wait for this wait for this? You you're going to be glad.

You heard this.

You ready, kamala, harris's middle name is devi d-e-v-i.

The only thing! That's missing to turn her middle name into literally devil is an l, and you know what's funny about that.

Oh that's funny already, but you know what's really funny about that.

Kamala harris.

The only thing she needs is an l and trump's going to give it to her she's going to get the l she's not going to get the w so did the did.

The simulation just serve up to us.

Her middle name is devi, and all she needs is an l and trump's gon na give her.

The l i mean come on is any of this real.

Is this a real world it couldn't possibly be? This is so obviously scripted at this point.

You couldn't possibly believe this is anything but a simulation all right.

Here's my prediction! Are you ready? I understand that uh trump, not only i'm sorry that uh, when biden did his uh convention thing.

There biden got no bounce.

There was no biden bounce.

Apparently, if you live in the basement, you don't get much of a bounce.

Do you think there'll be a bounce from the rnc? Oh yeah, oh yeah, just just wait for the next poll.

Now i don't want to say that i'm psychic, because that's not what's happening in this particular case, but you might get some laughs when you see the next poll all right, somebody's telling me that kamala means different things.

That means horrible and finnish and, and somebody said that lucifer means uh the bringer of light, which is literally what biden is claiming biden, says: he'll bring us light.

Somebody said that that's what lucifer means actually the bringer of light.

I don't know if that's true, but somebody said it all right come on man uh, i'm gon na eat.

My breakfast! That's all for now and i'll talk to you tomorrow.

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