Summer Nails 2023: Best 15 Trends of Summer Nail Design 2023 To Try This Year (2024)

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Hot summer days are coming soon. And it’s time to think not only about summer clothes, but also about fashionable summer nails 2023.

Beautiful and truly summer nails 2023 do not have to be very colorful and bright.

Of course, saturated options in neon summer nail colors 2023 and multi-colored patterns remain the most relevant for the summer.

But, the latest summer nail trends 2023 dictate new ideas in a laconic design that will look no less bright and interesting than traditional summer nail art.

And best of all, combine classics with modern nail design 2023, as the current nail masters successfully demonstrate in their work.

Photos of fashionable summer nails 2023 collected in today’s material clearly show that nail design this summer can be very, very different. It all depends on imagination, skill and not being afraid of something new.

What will be your trendy summer nails 2023 depends only on you. You can completely trust the master, or come up with your idea for nail design 2023 for the summer.

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We will only help you understand the current trends in summer 2023 nail colours and show you the most successful and original nail design solutions.


  1. Summer Nails 2023: Rainbow Gradients
  2. Delicate Flowers
  3. Summer Nail Trends 2023: Elegant Designs
  4. Bright Airbrush
  5. Fascinating Textures
  6. Funny Nail Art
  7. Best Summer Nail Colors 2023: Sky Blue Palette
  8. Hint of Gold
  9. Fruit Platter
  10. Summer Nail Colors 2023: Warm Yellow Nails
  11. Sweet Bloom
  12. Droplets
  13. Baby Boomer
  14. Summer Manicure for Short Nails 2023
  15. Summer Manicure for Long Nails 2023

Summer Nails 2023: Rainbow Gradients

In summer, bright and original, fashionable summer 2023 nail colors with a gradient look interesting and stylish.

The so-called ombre effect in summer nail design appears more in bright and rich combinations. In this case, the number of transitional shades is not limited.

The only thing that nail masters do not advise to do is to choose too contrasting summer 2023 nail colors.

For summer gradient nails, a soft pastel palette of shades is better. And if you like a bright design, then choose ombre nails in acid neon tones for the summer.

The hit trend will be the application of patterns or inlays with stones, rhinestones and broths on the base, made using the ombre technique.

It is noteworthy that the transition must be performed from a light to a dark shade, which should clearly contrast with each other.

Such a non-trivial design will not only be the highlight of any image, but will also attract the admiring glances of others.

Despite the brightness and recklessness, which will be the main criteria for fashionable summer nails 2023, a more restrained option is no less popular.

Delicate Flowers

Oh, those cute and charming flowers on the nails.

Even in summer, beautiful floral nail art holds its positions in terms of current design. The trendiest technique for making flower patterns in summer nails 2023 remains watercolor.

Fashionable sliders and stickers with ready-made patterns of a wide variety of floral patterns make it easier to create original flower arrangements on summer nails.

An alternative to flowers can be no less beautiful green twigs, grass, leaves of tropical plants or ferns.

Summer Nail Trends 2023: Elegant Designs

It’s not so much about the design of rhinestones, but about modern nail designs that will make any summer nails 2023 unique.

Recently, we see a lot of designs with metal fittings, piercings and even brooches. Such trendy nails will remain mega popular this summer.

If you are in love with an unusual textured design, then you should like trendy summer nails with voluminous drops, which are made from a transparent base or gel polish.

Inside the drop there may be foil, a flower, a couple of sparkles or small broths. All this may be reminiscent of Korean minimalist design, which is gaining popularity in our fashion as well.

Bright Airbrush

Something similar to a gradient, distinguished by its execution technique and incredibly bright summer design ideas, will definitely surprise and diversify the summer nail trends 2023.

We are talking about airbrush patterns that look chic in neon shades and matte designs.

In the summer nails 2023 “airbrushing” special stencils can be used, thanks to which the patterns are neat and beautiful. Fashionable summer airbrush patterns are butterflies, ferns, unusual prints and lace patterns.

Fascinating Textures

For several seasons in a row, texture-style design is not going to leave the list of nail trends.

This summer, the texture manicure takes on a more sophisticated and light appearance. The basis for such nails will be nude or pastel OPI summer 2023 colors.

Foil or glitter will give a light accent to the nails.

In the style of textures, a trendy nautical design for the summer is also carried out with patterns resembling sea waves.

There are a lot of interpretations of such summer nails 2023 with a marine texture.

After all, this is what summer is associated with almost in the first place.

Funny Nail Art

It is perhaps difficult to imagine summer nails without any thematic prints, and therefore in the 2023 season they will still remain relevant.

Cheerful, funny and most importantly creative nail art is appropriate in any seasonal manicure and summer design is certainly no exception.

On vacation, you can afford absolutely any nail design. So colorful patterns with funny animals, sweets, cartoon characters, emoticons, etc. are very popular in summer.

The hot summer trend will remain insect print, preferably different variations of unusual bugs, in particular dragonflies, ladybugs and bees. Butterflies this season will no longer be so relevant.

Such cool and stylish summer nails 2023 are truly able to convey the mood, especially if fashionable inscriptions are present in the design.

This is a great way to express yourself and emphasize the originality of the summer look.

Best Summer Nail Colors 2023: Sky Blue Palette

If you want tenderness and a calm design for summer nails, look at a beautiful design made in sky blue shades. It can be not only a marine design with texture, but also other trendy nail options.

Blue solid nails with an accent in a minimalist style will look charming. You can decorate one of the nails even with rhinestones, even with a simple pattern or sticker.

Stamping patterns and a light gradient are combined magnificently in a summer blue manicure.

Hint of Gold

Elements of gold in the summer nails 2023 are quite common.

It seems that any nail design for the summer can be complemented with a slight sparkle of gold, be it a piece of foil, decoration, a little sparkle, a metallic strip or a rub.

Basically, golden accents will come in handy in an abstract design summer nails 2023.

Spider web, stamping, geometry, strokes and splashes of paint, textures and even just plain nails in combination with gold take on a luxurious and elegant look.

Fruit Platter

The summer of 2023 will not do without fruit motifs, which should be made on a light background, preferably white or beige.

Moreover, the pattern itself can be either in the style of pop art, or as realistic as possible, such elements as juicy drops on top of the fruit are welcome, especially in the context, made of transparent gel polishes.

Do not bypass amazing fruit designs in the summer nails 2023. Bright nails with a pattern of fruits or berries are definitely summer.

It can be an unusual fruit print, trendy stickers or sliders, or incredibly stylish and realistic murals.

The most common options for summer manicure with fruity nail art include solid best summer nail colors 2023 and an accent design.

The color of the nails dictates the predominant shade of the fruit itself, which will become the color of the highlighted nail.

For example, strawberries and watermelon are suitable for red summer manicure, yellow – lemon or bananas, orange – orange or pineapple, green – avocado, lime, kiwi.

Summer Nail Colors 2023: Warm Yellow Nails

Regardless of trends, length and shape of nails, every girl has her own idea of the perfect summer nails 2023.

Naturally, it should be bright, impressive and unique, easily cheer up and create a joyful atmosphere.

That is why most specialists in the nail industry, creating the current trends of the seasons, are primarily guided by these parameters.

Sunny yellow summer nails 2023 remain the most relevant and appropriate summer nail colors 2023.

In addition, the yellow shade is named one of the most fashionable in the 2023 season.

Therefore, trying on yellow nails at least once is the duty of every fashionista. And when, if not in the summer, decide on such a bright and original manicure.

You can start with a yellow French, it will look more restrained for a monotonous design.

And if you are ready for bold experiments, choose rich summer options for yellow nails 2023 with decorations, patterns or made using unusual techniques.

Sweet Bloom

A rather bright and unusual novelty of summer nails 2023 will be the newfangled Sweet bloom design technique, which is a custom combination of shades and textures.

The main difference of this design is not only the style of the pattern itself, but also the technique of its implementation.

It uses an exceptionally saturated dark shade as a base, after which the contour of the pattern is drawn on it with the help of bright multi-colored gel polishes and a thin brush.

And after that the second contour is applied from fine white acrylic powder.


On their own, droplets will also be a hot trend for stylish summer 2023 nails.

They can be applied both on light and dark or bright base, which should be extremely glossy, as this combination will create a realistic “wet” effect.

The combination of a mirror manicure using a metallic rub of various shades and transparent droplets looks quite impressive and non-trivial.

Baby Boomer

A hot trend will be the baby boomer design on almond nails, complemented by an extravagant print or decorative elements such as small pearls, shells or a voluminous themed pattern applied to several fingers as an accent.

Also, a similar design goes well with a moon design 2023. And women of fashion can safely experiment with the shape of the hole and the principle of its selection.

Summer Manicure for Short Nails 2023

Short nails are very practical and versatile. Therefore there are a lot of interesting and unusual summer design options for them.

The current trend will remain bright velvet nails, complemented by geometric patterns of sparkles or shimmering acrylic powder.

For a more romantic and feminine look, you can use a combination of a classic French and the “broken glass” technique which is used to design several accented nails.

A light base and gold foil craquelure, or a voluminous shell decor of individual nails, which has been a burning trend of summer manicure for short nails for several seasons in a row, will look very gentle and elegant.

To create a luxurious and elegant version of the trendy summer manicure 2023, you can apply a realistic 3D floral print on a nude or pastel base.

Watermelon slices on a dark background applied to several nails and complemented by realistic juicy droplets of transparent gel polish will look no less impressive.

This design will be solid and playful at the same time, and therefore will fit perfectly into almost any image.

Summer Manicure for Long Nails 2023

Summer manicure 2023 for long nails will be so diverse that any, even the most demanding fashionista, will definitely find a suitable option for herself.

Lovers of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions can safely apply the most extraordinary and eccentric drawings of a flower or fruit theme.

The hot trend of the summer 2023 season will be the animalistic design of long nails.

However, ladybugs, bumblebees, dragonflies and other interesting insects will replace the usual butterflies.

For example, the image of a scarab on one or more nails will be relevant.

Sea or beach themes will also be popular. And therefore various waves, anchors or three-dimensional drawings of the seabed will be popular.

The hit of the season will be a design in the form of wet sand on the nails, with an accent in the form of traces from small feet on several fingers.

Bright and multi-colored French nails 2023 will also be quite popular.

And the style of French can be completely different, ranging from the classic pattern of a smile on the free edge, and ending with the reverse, moon and French with a double smile, made in various shades. Hit shades will be mint, peach, coral, orange, yellow and blue.

Summer nails 2023 will be characterized by absolute freedom of action and a complete absence of stereotypes, which in turn will allow fashionistas to experiment to create their own original summer look.

The combination of various textures, styles and shades will only be welcome.

Summer Nails 2023: Best 15 Trends of Summer Nail Design 2023 To Try This Year (2024)


Summer Nails 2023: Best 15 Trends of Summer Nail Design 2023 To Try This Year? ›

Lavender summer 2023 nail trend

Team Cosmo has been chatting the last few months about how massive the lavender spring beauty trend will be this year, from eyeliners to summer and spring hair colors to, yup, nails. Paint on two to three coats of light-purple nail polish to get an opaque, non-streaky finish.

What is the nail design trend for summer 2023? ›

Lavender summer 2023 nail trend

Team Cosmo has been chatting the last few months about how massive the lavender spring beauty trend will be this year, from eyeliners to summer and spring hair colors to, yup, nails. Paint on two to three coats of light-purple nail polish to get an opaque, non-streaky finish.

What is the nail color design for 2023? ›

French Manicure

The classic French nail art is back in trend in 2023 and it is the go-to nail art design of celebs. This is a versatile manicure design that goes with everything. It includes white nail polish on the tips and a swipe of top coat for that glossy shine.

What shapes and lengths are in for nails 2023? ›

Nail shapes 2023: Almond nails

This shape is a favorite of the year for a feminine look, says Nguyen. “Although not too long, these give a little extra length to your nail base,” she says. Gerstein agrees: “Whether the almond comes to a point or is a little round — it's the most requested shape right now."

What is the best nail polish trend for 2023? ›

"Melted metallics and iridescent silver finishes give an out-of-this-world, virtual-reality feel to nails," says Kendrew. We're continuing to see chrome powders and molten polishes reign, and this trend is only going to gain momentum in 2023. Created by using a chrome powder which is buffed into the nail.

What colour toenails for summer 2023? ›

Embrace the cool tones of summer with refreshing toe nail colors for 2023. Think of icy blues, mint greens, and crisp whites that bring a sense of calm and freshness to your pedicure. These colors are perfect for creating a relaxing and beach-inspired vibe during the hot summer months.

What color will be popular for toes in 2023? ›

For winter 2023, the trending pedicure colors range from the neutral classics (see: true reds and inky blacks) to the bold and unexpected, including midnight blues and some futuristic chromatic finishes.

What is the most popular manicure color 2023? ›

Digital lavender, a cool-toned lilac pastel, which WGSN has named as its colour of the year for 2023. It also happens to tie in well with the digitally inspired textures we're seeing in nail art: colour-shifting shimmers and light-reflecting iridescent finishes.

What color nails for May 2023? ›

In May, coral nail color takes the spotlight as a trending hue. Whether you choose a soft pastel or a bold shade, embrace this versatile color for a stylish and on-trend manicure.

What color nail polish is in right now? ›

Earthy Tones: Natural and earthy nail polish colors are in vogue this year. These muted and understated shades, such as warm browns and soft greens, provide a more relaxed and organic look, perfect for those who prefer a minimalist and nature-inspired style.

What is the nail trend in May 2023? ›

Looking back at the nail trends from last year, we are wildly excited that a few of our favorites are continuing as the best nail trends for 2023. Everyone's favorite glazed-donut trend has put pearlescent, chrome, and metallic manis right at the top of the list.

What is the most attractive nail polish color? ›

Soft pastel shades like baby pink, lavender, or light blue can evoke a sense of sweetness and femininity. These colors are often associated with a gentle and approachable personality. Many guys find pastel nail polish attractive because it gives a feeling of innocence and charm.

What nail shape is in style 2024? ›

The favored nail shape has also shifted from rounded almond to short and square. "While the almond shape was widely popular this past year, I think we will see more short square-shape nails come into play," she said.

Are pointy nails in style 2024? ›


It isn't a Blonds party without towering, intricate tips to accentuate the sultry, spunky looks on the runway. For its spring/summer 2024 show (pictured here), models rocked pointed crystal-encrusted stiletto tips to add another layer of depth to the moody, dark makeup.

What is the trend in pedicure 2023? ›

Summer's most popular pedicure trends — beloved neon hues and pretty shades of ocean-inspired blue so associated with the warmer months — have officially been replaced by cozy neutrals and darker nail polish colors for fall 2023.

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