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If you don't see an available session time in the near future, or are trying to book a home visit for your baby and don't see a time that works for you, please email or text me.

Phone: 210.413.5029


$120/50 min
$180/1 hr and 20 min

It is important to me that integrative and holistic health care is financially accessible, and that it isn’t just something for people with abundant financial resources. I grew up in a community with people who ran the free/low cost medical clinics in our city, and I was raised with an ethic of by the people for the people. I also believe in the ethic of practitioners being well supported in their work. In order to balance my own need to support myself and this value of accessibility, I offer sliding scale sessions as needed for folks who are systemically marginalized and cannot otherwise afford sessions. If you need a reduced rate, please email and and we’ll sort it out. If you don’t have the financial resources but have family or community members who are able to contribute, they can make tax-deductible donations on your behalf to the Prenatal, Birth & Attachment Clinic and these funds will be earmarked for your use. Donate here, and have the donor send an email to me letting me know who is the donation is for.

If you are booking a sliding scale session, you can still book online via the link above, just select "Pay Later" and enter your payment information, your card will not be charged, and I will manually charge the correct amount.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel within 48 hours, or 24 hours for parents with little ones under 12 weeks, of your appointment, you are responsible for full payment of your session.