Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine is based on the principles of attention, representation, and affiliation.

The application of Narrative Medicine is manifold. Grounded in narrative competency and humility, it is a pedagogy, a praxis, an analytical perspective, and an interdisciplinary field that integrates to health humanities, medical anthropology, philosophy, film studies, literature, creative writing, and other disciplines. 

I teach in and outside of academia.

I co-teach, along with Dr. Maura Spiegel, a course called Social Justice: Narratives of Inequality, in the Online Certification of Professional Achievement in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. This program is a great way to study Narrative Medicine in a low-residency format.

I offer an elective course to Osteopathic medical students at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Vallejo, California. Read more about the elective course and the Narrative Medicine Clinical Distinction Specialty Track. I’m happy to have healthcare providers and students from the Bay Area audit a class session or two, just be in touch.

I also offer a self-paced online course called The Body of the Story, with 7 modules of reading, somatic practices and writing prompts.