Surround Yourself with What Gives You Life: Queer Normative & Animist Media

In my private practice, themes of gender, sexuality, spiritual perspectives and other core values often arise. One of the things I recommend to my clients who have marginalized identities is to seek out spaces where their identities and values are normative, meaning not just “accepted” but centered. In addition to being IRL, I encourage folks to take in curated media, as this allows oneself to feel surrounded by creative work that reflects some aspects of their experiences, and can help folks feel part of larger communities. Awhile ago, I started a list in my notes app of various forms of media that were queer normative and animistic. I love to listen to podcasts, watch tv and movies, listen to audiobooks, and I am way into comedy. So here is the list!

Queer Normative Media 🏳️‍🌈


Nanette, comedy special by Hannah Gadsby — Netflix 

Take My Wife, tv show by Cameron Esposito & Rhea Butcher — iTunes

Rape Jokes, comedy special by Cameron Esposito —

Gaycation, tv show — Hulu 

Please Like Me, tv show — Hulu

The Bisexual, tv show — Hulu

One Mississippi, tv show — Amazon Prime


Put Your Hands Together, podcast 

Queery, podcast

Nancy, podcast 

Back to Back, comedy album — iTunes

Marriage Material, comedy album — iTunes or Spotify

Same Sex Symbol, comedy album — or Spotify

Three Swings, podcast 

She Wants It, audiobook


Imajica, book

Work of Andrea Gibson —

Inferno, by Eileen Myles

Animist & Ancestral Media ⛰


Tidying Up, tv show — Netflix

Work of Hayao Miyazaki — filmography

Always Be My Maybe — Netflix

She’s Gotta Have It, Season 2, Episodes 7 & 8 — Netflix


Toasted Sister, podcast

How to Survive the End of the World, podcast

For the Wild, podcast

Everything is Alive, podcast


Emergent Strategy

Staying with the Trouble

Braiding Sweetgrass

Earthsea books

* I’ll add to this list as I discover more things, and If you have a recommendation for the list, please email me at

** For podcasts, I like to use Overcast app