Process Workshops

Process Workshops

small group workshops designed to heal early trauma, resolve challenges during your own prenatal or birth experiences, deepen relationship skills, and experience a field of health and secure attachment

Process Workshops are based on the form and principles of Womb Surrounds developed by Ray Castellino, DC [retired], RPP, RPE, RCST® and Birthing Yourself Process Workshops led by Myrna Martin, MN, RCC, RCST®. This form creates a safe, comfortable and responsive circle for you to set an intention and bring attention, awareness and support to an aspects of your life where you feel stuck. Through this process, with the participation of the group and skilled facilitation, you will discover how to transform and repair the pattern, and then bridge this to the rest of your life.  Feel more connected in primary relationships, create healthy boundaries, connect to a deep sense of purpose, experience personal empowerment, have choice in your responses rather than habitual reaction, and learn tools for navigating transition.


Additional dates coming soon. Contact me if you’re interested in participating a Process Workshop.



Contact me if you’re in financial need, a lower rate is available for people indigenous to Turtle Island and people with disabilities who are on a fixed income.

When you click register, choose the date of the first day of the workshop you are registering for. Please email me if you have any questions. If you haven’t worked with me before, I’ll email you an intake form for you to fill out before the workshop.

The work has brought me into deeper contact with myself through the stories alive in my body. Through our session, I gained a new relationship with my nervous system and tools for self-regulating - tracking my states of activation and rest, and using this awareness to expand my capacity for presence.
— Cedar Ranney, Oakland, CA
I liked the communicative energy of the group, the supportive and beautiful space we had to work in, and the material. This was a very helpful intro workshop for me to discover a bit about pre and perinatal psychology and how it relates to “sequencing”, and the womb surround process. It opened my consciousness to the presence of psychological imprints at a time of life I rarely if ever think about.
— Avi Santana, Pharm.D., Cellular Resonance Technique practitioner
This was a catalyst for transforming my own lack of follow through, to the actual writing of a dissertation proposal. My mother’s lack of uterine tone around my own birth was showing up as an ability on my part to follow through on and birth my dissertation proposal. I was stuck in the preparation phase, and kept going over it and over it unable to bring it to completion. After the Primal Sequence workshop I got lots of support or uterine tone... and I was able to finally finish writing and submit the proposal 2 weeks later.
— Barbara Karlsen, Phd Candidate, California Institute of Integral Studies